eSya Diagnostics

eSya Diagnostics

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Specialized, customized, and web-based version of GHealth Enterprise designed only for medium and small diagnostic centres. The LIS and RIS modules are developed to cater to the needs of the diagnostics centers.

Key Features of LIS module

  • Automates and drives the entire workflow of the clinical lab for organizations across the world.
  • Streamlines the lab processes to decrease specimen handling time.
  • Increases productivity and improves turnaround time.
  • Tracks samples coming from different collection centers.
  • Tracks samples sent to Outsourced centers.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Lab Analyzers to automate the result entry process
  • Tracks Reagent and Inventory consumption
  • Well defined templates for reporting

Key Features of RIS module

  • Allows radiology departments to track patient information, procedures, exam status, revenues and insurance payouts.
  • Generates reports based on CPT or revenue codes
  • Seamlessly integrates with any PACS system thereby completely automating the process of information transfer and report creation
  • Uses the HL7 standards to communicate with the PACS systems in your diagnostic center